What Is The Difference Between The Left Brain And Right Brain?

Whether you are a creative type who spends the day writing short stories and music or if you thrill to solving complicated mathematical equations, the way you process information all has to do with brain functions.

Everyone’s brain functions differently, making every human being unique, but how the left and right side of the brain work together, send information, and then make sense of that information has been the subject of numerous studies, essays, and books.

The right brain and left brain functions relationship is unique and while you might already know if you’re a left brained or right brained thinker, what you don’t know about the differences between the two sides of your brain may surprise you.

The Areas of the Brain Functions

The human brain is comprised of two hemispheres, and both sides are connected by a thick band of neural tissue that is called the corpus callosum. Without the corpus callosum, the two sides of the brain could not communicate or send out signals that are necessary for both conscious thought and movement.

Brain side functions are ruled by the brain’s lateralization, which means that for many cognitive processes, specific sides of the brain are responsible for controlling them. This type of lateralization has led many people to believe that right brain and left brain dominance also controls their natural abilities, such as logical and creative thinking. Recent studies are changing the way people understand this phenomenon, and some studies even suggest that the corpus callosum is responsible for much more than how we process both logical and creative thinking.

The Right Brain Functions

brain functionsWhen it comes to brain functions, many people believe that the right side of the brain is responsible for the creative process, such as appreciating writing, music, and art, and that right-brained people are more likely to be creative and less talented when it comes to math and logical thinking.

It is true that the corpus callosum works to interconnect the right side of the brain to the left and the right side is actually responsible for processes that people tend to think of as creative, such as music, interpreting the tone and context of an individual’s speaking voice, and processing imagery, which plays a huge role in the creative process.

However, not all right-brain cognitive processes are based in the creative: in fact, the right side of the brain is also responsible for a number of mathematical processes, such as numerical comparisons and spatial relationships. This means that not all right side brain functions are grounded in the creative, just as not all left side functions are not grounded in the logical.

The Left Brain Functions

Physically, the left side of the brain is nearly identical to the right side, but its role in brain functions is vastly different. For example, while the left side of the brain does handle a great deal of logic and mathematical functions, it is also responsible for processing speech. In addition, not only does the left side of the brain allow you to speak, but it also allows you to understand language when others speak to you.

This is where right brain and left brain connections are the most obvious, as even though this side of the brain allows you to speak and understand what is said to you, it’s actually the right side that interprets the tone and context of those words, with the corpus callosum in the middle, sending those signals back and forth to make up the whole experience of speaking, listening to, and comprehending language.

Are Brain Functions Responsible for Genius Thinking?

While the left and right sides of the brain process different types of information and then work together to make sense of the things we see and hear each day, right brain/left brain thinking has little to do with intelligence or a heightened ability to sing, perform scientific equations, or to write an award-winning novel. In fact, many studies show that the cerebral cortex, which is the brain’s outermost section, is more responsible for genius behavior, not right or left-brained thinking.

Brain functions and how they affect each individual largely remain a mystery for many psychologists and those who study natural ability and intelligence, but new theories and discoveries are being made every day that are helping to unlock their secrets.