What Are the Top Brain Games for Enhancing Brain Performance?

The idea that the brain is elastic in its ability to contract, expand, or remodel itself in response to actively exercising it has been proven by scientific studies, and one way to improve your mind is to play brain games for enhancing brain performance. In fact, phone and tablet applications for enhancing brain performance and memory have become very popular. Brain plasticity, which is the ability of the brain to change, grow, and chemically alter itself, was previously only thought to occur during childhood. However, it is now seen as a way to combat dementia and Alzheimer’s for adults as well as increasing brain function and ability. Essentially, the more you exercise your brain, the smarter you can become.

Brain Games Explained

Brain games are brain exercises that improve concentration, memory, focus, and increase its ability to calculate and solve problems through the use of logic and reasoning. Traditionally, these games were conducted through physical formats such as flashcards, written tests, and other physical forms of brain training. However, with the advent of the Internet, tablet, and smartphone apps, the brain game industry has exploded. Different brain games focus on various areas of intelligence, memory, and cognition, helping both left and right brain functions improve.

Most brain games focus on increasing memory capacity and the cognitive areas of the brain. Our brains produce the ability to store, maintain, and recall information when needed, which most people believe is one overall function. However, the human brain stores memory in various ways including auditory, visual, verbal, episodic, recognition, recall, and even working memory. Most brain exercises focus on different aspects within each of the above areas. Other games, such as those that require you to repeat patterns of sounds or colored lights, focus on the ability to concentrate one’s attention or focus on a specific task by training the brain to filter out unwanted stimuli. Other areas of brain training can include processing speed and reaction time that allow cognitive functions to be processed quicker.

The Top Brain Games

Because the industry surrounding brain games has grown rapidly in the last few years with hundreds of different producers of games, choosing the most effective can be daunting. The brain game industry has games available for children, young adults, men, women, and seniors. Understanding that the best brain games for enhancing brain performance may be one that is tailored to your personal situation will help you choose the best brain game for your mental exercise.


Probably the most well-known brain training suite of products is that produced by a company known as Lumosity. Although Lumosity has a scaled-down free version of its games on the website, a monthly subscription fee is required to unlock all of its features. This product is also one of the most complex, as it keeps tabs not only on the games you have played but on key indicators for your brain’s performance. As the number of games is large and varied, it also keeps you interested for a longer period. Lumosity recommends that practice on the site at least three to five days per week in order to show progress.

Brain School

This brain game focuses on memory, focus, and logical reasoning through puzzle exercise training in twenty different games with 100 different levels in each game. Unlike Lumosity, it does not have specific graphing charts to keep track of your progress but, there are a number of games where you need to advance to the next grade until you achieve an A score. The games each focus on a different area of learning, such as math, history, verbal ability, and even games that challenge spatial ability, which tests one’s ability to see the relationship between two or more objects.

Clockwork Brain

This is a free app with individual games similar to Lumosity but with a theme that runs along a steampunk design. This design features clockwork machinery that is powered by steam and is a popular genre of today’s young adult fiction, which may appeal to a younger audience. It is also cheaper than the other two.

Suduko or Crosswords

Two popular games long before the advent of the Internet typically used for brain training. There are number of producers of these games and multiple themes and formats that purport to increase brain function, memory and language.

Brain games that enhance brain performance are available on any device or platform and provide the ability for the average person to exercise their brains. These games include brain exercises that improve concentration and memory, language and executive function, and processing and reaction times. In a world where television and social media takes so much of our attention, having top brain games or training with apps and online games is a great way to improve memory, cognitive ability, and to stay sharp, no matter one’s age.