NEW PHYSICS AND THE MIND.  Some physicists think that Big Science has kidnapped physics and left the mind and consciousness behind.

What is the mind?  And how can physicists, of all people, be the ones to explain consciousness and the mind?

PART ONE: ENTERING THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY.  String theory dominates academic physics, but more and more physicists are questioning its validity.

PART TWO: PHYSICS AND THE MIND.  The mind and consciousness have been part of physics since the earliest days of quantum physics.  Roger Penrose’s 1989 The Emperor’s New Mind placed the mind and consciousness at the intersection of relativity and quantum physics, and proposed that the mind and consciousness are at the heart of physics’ theory of everything.

PART THREE: NEW PHYSICS.  Physicists have continued to develop theories that intimately relate to the mind.  The best of these theories of physics and the mind also incorporate phenomena of new physics—extra dimensions, entanglement, entropy and information, black holes, tunneling, Bose-Einstein condensates, chaos and complexity, dark matter and dark energy.

PART FOUR: SPECULATIONS.  Count down the Top Ten Hidden Radical Theories of New Physics and the Mind.

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